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Sweetpotato Plants

Micropropagated Sweetpotato “Seed” and Slips
for Commercial Growers

North Carolina is leading the rest of the country in production of certified micropropagated, virus-indexed planting stocks (“seed” roots & plants) of sweetpotatoes. Enzor Farms is proud to be one of only 15 Certified growers producing micropropagated, virus-indexed sweetpotato “seed” stock in North Carolina. Our “seed” sweetpotatoes are produced annually from Foundation plants that come directly from the NC State University Micropropagation Unit. These plants are inspected by NC Crop Improvement, Inc. and sold by NC Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.


Jumbo’s + Cull’s





No. 1’s

Beauregard (G1)
Beauregard (G4+)

Our sweetpotato plants are vegetatively propagated in a carefully controlled environment and have been checked for pathogens and other pests. The result is virus-indexed, pathogen-free, true-to-variety “seed” stock that produces beautiful, nicely shaped sweetpotatoes with smooth skin. Micropropagated sweetpotatoes produce fewer culls and higher pack-outs, which translates into more money in the growers’ pocket.

This year we will offer three varieties of sweetpotato plants and “seed” roots: Beauregard B-14, Hernandez, and O’Henry. All varieties are sold in multiples of 1000 plants and are available May-June.
Please contact our farm by phone, email or fax for prices and to order our top quality micropropagated stock.

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